Our Waterpearls -small tachyonized drop-shaped beads made with pure crystalline silicon (lead-free)- have been conceived be offered to wells, brooks, rivers, lakes, ponds and other waters.

They will revive the water with subtle and lightful energy. Our Water Pearls promote the re-information of the water molecules and contribute to an energetic improvement of the water quality. Even if their shape seems to be very small: the effect is amazing!

The last couple of years we received a lot of beautiful feed-backs from people who are into “earth healing”.

Feedbacks such as: “I did throw some pearls into my pond. Shortly after we offered the Water Pearls, the growth of algae stopped and the oxygen clearly increased. Practically all fishes who were in bad health, recovered in no time !”

“After we did throw some pearls into our pond, we did put some in our Jacuzzi. We still are amazed about the effect because we were able to reduce the chemicals by 80% ! The water quality is unbelievable!”

Water crystal energy image of water pearls photographed by Ernst F. Braun, Atelier for Art and Mystic, 3628 Uttigen (BE) in accordance with the method developed by Dr. Masaru Emoto. More information about his interesting work can be found directly on the homepage: wasserkristall.ch

The story about our Water-Pearls

In summer 1999, during a channeling, our lightful “counselors” did ask our group, if we are ready for some information regarding a new Tachyon Product which can help to rise the energy of Mother Earth. As you can imagine, the unanimous answer was: Yes, please !

Some weeks later we were able to present the Water Pearls.

Then we asked our “counselors”: “Do these tiny beads still exert positive effects if thrown into the sea when they sunk at ground some 5000m below sea level?”

The smirking answer was: "You minute humans are living in a microbial small galaxy. You really can’t imagine how powerful "our light" is. And it seems that you might not yet understand with how much light we do enrich these tiny little beads. You really do have to worry about.

Just do it with a smile ;-)

* * *

Until today, some 350'000 Water Pearls have been offered on the whole planet. Thank you !!!

PS: These tiny and shiny beads are sold at a prime cost.

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion