SiLICA-Sphere for the workplace

Probably the best known sources of disturbance at the workplace are also the most important work equipment: the mouse, the keyboard and the monitor. To protect yourself from their electromagnetic radiation, we have been recommending since 1995 that you place our tachyonized SiLICA-Sphere on your desk.

Our Tachyonized Silicon Spheres create an extremely harmonious energy field; they "attract" tachyons to their center, concentrate them there and create a harmonizing field of about 3 meters in diameter in their environment. Placed in front of PC monitors, they harmonize electromagnetic interference fields and thus prevent negative exposure.

SiLICA-Spheres in the following colors are suitable for the workplace:

gold-topaz increases the ability to concentrate
emerald green regenerates and freshens up
aquamarine promotes creativity & communication
indigo blue calms & promotes intuitive thinking
crystal clear clears and purifies

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>• protection from earth radiation
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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion