Inspired by the statements of our customers and the media, we have decided to develop an absolutely novel tachyon product, which should help to harmonize the following pathogenic (damaging to health) influences and thus create an important basis for personal well-being:

>• Water Veins
>• Hartmann Grid
>• Curry Grid
>• Fault lines
>• Ley-Lines

>• Mobile phone antennas
>• Roadway lines
>• High-voltage lines
>• UMTS signals and WiFi networks

After several years of development and research work and extensive testing, we were then able to present a product that is unique in this form: PHAROS II.

Place it, with the small brass pin facing north, in your living and/or working area. We recommend placing it at a height of about 1.20 meters from the floor, on a chest of drawers or in a showcase.

>• next rubric: Laws of nature & symbolism

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>• Feedback * Alzheimer / Parkinson
>• Feedback * Nervous wrecks
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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion