At the beginning of our business activity, we determined that primarily natural substances should be used for Tachyonization. Natural substances already have a relatively perfect and regular atomic structure. And according to another law of nature, this starting point is also a very important criterion in this case. Optimal materials are silicon and gold.

Both have an extraordinarily perfect structure and are therefore so well suited to be Tachyonized. Therefore, we use pure silicon, gold and maple wood in the manufacture of PHAROS II for good reason.

Maple is a life-giving tree: The Iroquois call its sap "honey of life". This sweetness contains the qualities of attraction, of enticement or of the possibility to unite things: a very positive energy ! This is why maple wood sticks are used to attract positive spirits, which are helpful in magical rituals.

Maple is also the sacred tree of the Ani Tsisqua (the Bird Clan or Tsalagi): a log of maple wood has always been part of the sacred fire of this tribe.


Originally we did not want to tell you that the PHAROS II can fulfill a completely different "task" besides the mentioned features, because we were quite surprised by this information we "channelled".

When a couple visited us in spring 2013, who lived on a Mediterranean island before moving to Switzerland, we decided to share this information with all interested persons. The husband, who used to stay in an Indian ashram, among other places, suddenly pointed to the PHAROS II during our conversation and asked if we knew what this object was for. With a smile we told him that "we" created it and that we think that we know what it is for.

He then said: "Are you aware, that this object is a manifesting device?"

"Yes, we know!"

And then, without hesitation, he wanted to know whether we had another one in stock ... because this "thing" .... hmmm ... I have to have it!

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