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Since the summer of 2009 we offer a special object, which is able to harmonize the increasingly concentrated external electrical and electromagnetic harmful radiation.

Since the medicine officially deals with electrosmog, many disease patterns have been registered, whose cause is clearly based on electrosmog.

Particularly interesting is the fact that children in "irradiated" school buildings have a statistically significantly lower chance of making the transition from elementary school to higher grades. This is aggravated by the fact that they live in a "sea of radiation" (Wi-Fi, etc.) not only at school but also increasingly at home.

The immune system notices that the body cells can generally absorb significantly less oxygen in the vicinity of interference radiation.

It has been proven that these subtle electrical stimuli have been shown to disturb the energy flow of the cell membrane and the function of the synapses (contact point between the nerve cells). These dysfunctions promote various symptoms.

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