On a cool April afternoon, a well-dressed lady visited us in our store with the concrete and direct question, what we had done with her neighbor, a 91-year-old lady. They both know each other very well, as the elderly neighbor was being treated by her husband, an internationally known doctor.

Her neighbor, who despite her advanced age is very sprightly and still follows world events with great interest, told her that the sleep disorders she had been suffering from for the past few months had been blown away. When asked what she had done, her neighbor replied that she had had placed a PHAROS II on the second floor of her city apartment for a good 3 weeks.

So it happened that the doctors wife contacted us to get more detailed information about this strange tachyon product. During the consultation, she pointed out to us that very many of her husband's patients have been suffering from sleep disorders for the past few months.

"Could the connection be that the municipality has installed a aera-wide Wi-Fi network in our neighborhood?" She herself also sleeps extremely badly and finds practically no sleep from 03.00 in the morning.

Since she is distantly related to a member of our team, we loaned her a PHAROS II as an exception. Only 4 days later she came back to us without PHAROS II and immediately ordered a second one for her husband's practice. "Just imagine", she said excitedly, "I am almost sleeping like a baby again".

To be honest, we didn't want to believe her at first. But when her husband visited us that same week, we were happy to be convinced. He confirmed the statements of his wife and doubled as follows: "For over 10 years I have had a prostate disorder that unfortunately could not be treated until today. Since I placed the PHAROS II in our house, the pain is gone. To be honest, I do not know how this device works, but I guarantee that I will send you all my patients who suffer from sleep disorders caused by electromagnetic influences."

Since this doctor already met the founder of "Touch for Health", John F. Thie, in the mid-70s and began to integrate this interesting technique into his everyday work, we gladly believed him and asked him to tell us what he had to tell us. In the meantime he has become one of the "most diligent salesmen" for the GOLD*CHIP and especially the AURA*Shield.

In the meantime, he has tested various BIOTAC Line© products on his customers and is very surprised about their effects. Since he consults some 30 persons every day - as most doctors in Switzerland do - and receives appropriate feedback within a very short time, you can probably imagine, dear reader, that he makes a very important contribution with his consultations and contributes to the well-being of many persons.

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