The GEO LINE category is distinguished by its very large content. Sorry ;-) But thanks to our many years of experience we are convinced that everything related to this issue is extremely important.

In this section we have published very detailed basic knowledge and solutions on how you can neutralize / harmonize telluric radiation as well as the external influences of electrosmog. Don't be discouraged by the volume of this information ... because your health problems may be related to the following statements. Thank you for your attention!

Since today it is possible to detect telluric waves not only with the help of a pendulum or a wand, many doctors and scientists finally confirm that these radiation (invisible to human eyes) are the main source of many diseases.

Our BIOTAC GEO LINE© products, which we developed in early 1995, can contribute to healthy, restful sleep ... and everything connected with it. Our Tachyon products help to promote personal health and are a very effective and economical solution ... while making life more harmonious.

Not to be forgotten: In the past -before building a house- farmers brought domestic herbivorous mammals such as cows, horses or sheep to the future land. There, where these animals passed through and re-masted their food, they found "undisturbed" telluric zones.

By the way: all mammals, except cats, rest on neutral zones.


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