The GEOTAC*CARDs are designed to harmonize harmful earth radiation. They are used to neutralize Water Veins, but are also used for Curry-Grid and Hartmann-Grid intersections, as well as for Fault Lines und Ley-Lines as well. Through their application, left-circular polarized radiations (harmful for the organism) are transformed into right-circular (health-promoting) oscillating radiations.

To harmonize the Curry, resp. Hartmann-Grid, we recommend placing the GEOTAC*CARD(s) on the intersection point(s). The choice of the size depends on the strength of the radiation.

Using a kinesiological muscle test or, of course, the dowsing rod or pendulum, an experienced professional can test the optimal size:

GEOTAC*CARD A6 (11,5 x 15,5 cm)
GEOTAC*CARD A5 (15,5 x 21,5 cm)
GEOTAC*CARD A4 (21,5 x 30,5 cm)


GEOTAC*CARDs are manufactured from pure silicon in an elaborate process and are sealed in foils for protection after tachyonization. The GEOTAC*CARDs offer experienced radiesthesists and dowsers a reliable basis to optimally support their important work.

The positive effects of the GEOTAC*CARDs have already been verified by several hundred dowsers and confirmed by x-thousands of people who suffered from health problems and whose symptoms of illness were caused by pathogenic earth rays.

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