The idea for the production of the GEO-Acupuncture Set was conveyed to us during a channelling in 1999.

With these small tachyonized spheres flora and fauna can be stimulated and new places of power can be created. In a harmonious ritual, 8 or 12 beads in a circle (Ø approx. 80cm) are pressed directly into the earth (approx. 20-30cm deep).

It is advisable to include very specific wishes about what is to be achieved with this ritual.

With the GEO-Acupuncture Set you can also create a "filling station" for earth, air and water beings. For this purpose a total of seven balls are buried as described below:

Three spheres (the roof) are buried in a triangle (approx. 50cm diameter) at a depth of about 20cm. In the middle of this triangle a hole of about 100cm deep is made so that the remaining four balls can be buried one after the other as follows: first ball in 1 meter depth, second ball in 95cm depth, third ball in 80cm depth, fourth ball in 65cm depth.

Allow yourself enough time for this ritual and enjoy the future light source!

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion