It has been known for a long time, that many chronic diseases go hand in hand with a radiesthesic overload in houses and apartments. It is therefore indispensable - in case of health problems - that the homes and workplaces of the suffering people are checked and sanitized.

The most well known symptoms are:

>• restless or poor quality sleep
>•fatigue even after a long sleep
>• tendency to irritability and nervousness
>• lack of concentration
>• light or acute muscular tensions
>• chronic back pain, rheumatism
>• gout, tumors and depressions
>• allergies, skin problems
>• chronic headaches

In a scientific study (with hundreds of participants) that lasted 7 years, conducted in Germany under rigorous scientific direction, it was established that ...

... in all people who stayed for only 20 minutes on a telluric crossing, the blood count deteriorated drastically and cellular disturbances were clearly evident.

Did you know that all mammals (except cats) react strongly to telluric fields and lines and avoid disturbed areas? Did you know that all mammals (except cats) react strongly to telluric fields and lines and avoid disturbed areas?

The cat - for example - knows instinctively that the intensity of the telluric radiation is rather low during the day and that the intensity increases considerably at night. The cat is considered a night animal: during the day cats "use" the effects of telluric radiation and rest directly on them to fall asleep and to lower their metabolism. Their fur is made up in such a way that it considerably soothes the radiation.

The dog can't stand them; he avoids every disturbed area.

If you offer your dog a place to sleep and he "refuses" to sleep there: be sure that it is a place that is above a harmful area.

Chickens and ducks lay almost no eggs or no eggs at all over disturbed areas!

In the book "Erdstrahlen als Krankheitserreger" published in 1932 by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl, an entire chapter is devoted to the behavior of animals towards telluric waves.

Bees and ants - on the other hand - feel very comfortable above highly disturbed areas: they "seek" them out altogether. Formic acid and bee venom can alleviate the symptoms of radiation, because these substances are able to change the photon rotation of the cells.

Ants prefer areas above crossings of water veins: the they "purge" water from the ground to provide the anthill with precious water.

For more information on left-/right spin please read the information we have published under this link.

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