Dr. Victor Rambeau, the president of the district medical office in Marburg, repeated the attempt of Gustav Freiherr von Pohl later in 1933 using the example of 3 villages near Marburg.

The results were astonishing: all cancer occurrences coincided with geological fractures. In the evaluation of his investigations, he wrote: "In our statistical work, we looked for a house that is located on geologically undisturbed terrain and yet still shows signs of cancer. However, we did not find such a house!"

If you manage to get hold of the following book, then let's go:


What the authors have published (in German) on 200 pages is simply sensational!

The Baden regional association for the fight against cancer financed a large-scale study in which over 120 so-called "cancer houses" were examined. Involved were experienced doctors and well-known dowser.

The results were simply amazing: all examined buildings were located on so-called "disturbance zones", where radioactive emanations were detected.

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