This designation, not so commonly known to the general public, also refers to electromagnetic radiation.

The borders of the Roman Empire were established at the time on fault lines! One was therefore very conscious, more than 2000 years ago, that there are radiation and invisible fields on our earth. This knowledge of telluric radiation has been widespread for centuries in the Far East too.

A fault line is a fracture or zone along which two boulders move relative to each other. Such zones divide a rock volume into two compartments that have slid relative to each other. This displacement and the shear deformation are due to the forces exerted by the tectonic stresses resulting from plate tectonics.

Sleeping and resting (during office work, for example) on a fault line disturbs the psyche. Most men who live, work and/or sleep above a fault line are prone to disturbances of consciousness and become easily aggressive or depressed.

In buildings built above a fault line, quarrels are often fought out loud. People who live in houses "loaded by a fault line energy" are more suicidal than other people. Couples living in such places often separate "in a very short time".

A seemingly positive move can be less positive in a few weeks; without people knowing why ...

Fault lines exist from the microscopic (millimetric) to the tectonic plate scale (several hundred kilometers). The large faults are located at the plate boundaries and also within intra-plate deformed zones. The best known fault is the San Andreas Fault, located in California.

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