Already around the year 1530 the physician Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim, known as Paracelsus, born in Egg near Einsiedeln (Switzerland), made this written statement:

"A sick bed is a sure way to ruin your health!"

One of the most important places in our life is the place where we sleep. Nowhere else we stay/rest longer than on these few square meters. During the sleep an optimal regeneration should take place. The fact that our body reacts particularly sensitively to the different natural and technical interference radiation during the sleep phase has been scientifically proven in the meantime.

Already 1932 Max Planck and Albert Einstein demanded the scientific investigation of earth radiation !

Their demand was based on the fact that numerous experiments suggested that radiation was always present in serious diseases such as tumors and cancer. Moreover, they were directly affected by cases from their circle of acquaintances.

Both Planck and Einstein were very well informed about the experiments carried out by Mr. Haviland in London in 1880. He investigated the direct relationship between the earth's radiation and the spread of cancer in this world monopoly and came to the irrevocable conclusion that - in addition to incorrect and one-sided nutrition - house and land are decisive for the development of tumors and cancer.

A few years earlier, in 1929, the sensational experiment by Gustav Freiherr von Pohl led to fierce reactions and discussions in the medical profession. More about it in the next section.

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