We recommend to place the TELEOIS-Monolith at a height between 1.40m and 1.90m; best on a wall (e.g. on a picture frame). This means that you can integrate it - similar to a picture - in your preferred room.

Please note that the gilded flower of the TELEOIS-Monolith points to the east, similar to the entrance of the tipis of the North American Indians: the entrance of their tipis always points to the east; to the rising sun, to the direction in which the prayers are directed.

By the way, the word tipi is composed of the following words of the Lakota, who use one of the many Sioux languages:

* ti = to live, to dwell, to linger
* pi = usual plural marker

The TELEOIS-Monolith fills the room in which it is located with its light-filled presence; regardless of whether it is a small room or a large hall. Kinesiological and radiesthetic tests show that the effect is strongest when the existing doors / windows of this room are closed. With open doors or windows, its subtle effect is slightly reduced, but is still perceptible outside the room.

If you use the TELEOIS-Monolith during a meditation, you can of course place it in front of you. For this purpose we recommend placing it (again facing east) on a small platform or on a low side table. After the meditation you can put it back on its "regular place".

We wish you many light-filled moments using this wonderful object !

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
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