Walnut wood is a coveted precious wood, the use of which is limited to high quality items. It is characterized by a high dynamic strength and a low tendency to splinter. Half-ripe nuts and foliage harvested in early summer are among the most vitamin C-rich plant parts in Central Europe !

The walnut played an important role in Roman wedding customs. The bridegroom threw them among guests and spectators. A bright sound on impact is said to predict a marriage as happy as that of Jupiter and Juno.

What is particularly interesting in connection with the TELEOIS-Monolith is the fact that the soil under walnut trees is usually not overgrown.

The tree releases inhibitors that prevent other plants from competing for the nutrients. The leaves of the walnut tree are particularly rich in tannins, decompose more slowly than other leaves and are avoided by most insects. Walnut trees are also said to repel flies, so they were often planted in farms (next to the dung heap).

Gold has represented splendor, wealth, abundance and also wisdom since time immemorial. Gold as a color helps to deal with old, deep-seated fears and get to the root of them. This precious metal can help to promote self-confidence and harmonize deficiencies in self-esteem. Gold also helps to awaken dormant talents and abilities and make them visible to the outside world. It promotes cheerfulness and the sense of beauty.

Like all products in our range, each TELEOIS-Monolith is handmade in our workshops. Each TELEOIS-Monolith is therefore a unique piece. We use brass, 24-carat gold leaf and regional walnut wood (juglans regia) for its production.

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