For the realization of our tachyon products - as for the PHAROS II - fundamental laws of nature are applied. First and foremost we use the knowledge of the "Golden Section", also called proportio divina.

For centuries artists and architects have proportioned their works according to the rules of the "Golden Section". The proportions on which it is based are considered the epitome of aesthetics and harmony. This mathematical teaching - given by its harmony - represents the key to all life.

Knowledge from bio-physical color theory, laws of form and matter and the knowledge of tachyons are also taken into account in the implementation. Furthermore, for practically all products we interweave information from the works of Leonardo da Pisa, J. W. von Goethe as well as Leonardo da Vinci. Alchemy.

If you look at the PHAROS II from above, you will see that five crystal clear spheres rest on the frame. These in turn are connected with 5 lines that lead to the center of the PHAROS II. In our studio, the lines are gilded by hand on the back of the upper silicon disc with 24-carat gold leaf in the old tradition of reverse gilding (French "verre églomisé"). Patination gives each PHAROS II its extraordinary character. An indigo blue IMERA-Disc is embedded under the upper transparent silicon disc.

The 6 silicon spheres that rest on the PHAROS II are the same as those we use for the GEO-Acupuncture Set.

If you connect the five outer spheres with lines, you get a pentagram. This ancient symbol denotes, among other things, the five elements on which life is based: Akasha * Fire * Air * Water * Earth

The pentagram is one of the best known protection symbols. Not without reason many organizations, such as the military, use this symbol: on Russian and American airplanes est is omnipresent.

You can also find this symbol on many drinks ... in the quiet hope (of the manufacturer) to "protect" their product.

On many flags this symbol is omnipresent: Ethiopia * Mauritania * Ghana * North Korea * Angola * Turkey * Kosovo * Cuba * Chile * Congo ... etc. etc.

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion