We publish this reference with the kind permission of a radiesthetist who got to know our products in spring 2001 and has been integrating them into her Feng Shui consultations since then. Many thanks ;-)

A family that has moved into a beautiful 4 1/2 condo with lake view contacted me in summer 2012. They had heard from friends that I offer geobiology and Feng Shui analysis. The whole family - both girls (6 and 8 years old) and the parents - sleep very badly.

Since the apartment was brand new and the owner had very good taste in interior decoration, I did not have to change Feng Shui much ... except for the fact that under the double bed there were two large drawers crammed with old cell phones, cables, tools and manuals, which gave off a disharmonic vibration during sleep. In addition, the effects of the two water veins flowing underneath were amplified. When the owner noticed this, she immediately emptied all the drawers.

In the two children's rooms, I was able to place one of the beds in a neutral zone; unfortunately, this was not possible in the second children's room. In the whole apartment there were two strongly radiating underground water veins. In addition, various geopatic disturbances were present. Another disturbing factor that should not be underestimated was mainly the radiation of the own W-LAN and the radiation of the Wi-Fi networks of the inhabitants of this apartment building.

I explained to her that I have been using the PHAROS II against Wi-Fi radiation for many years with great success, which has been proven by many customers. She immediately agreed to the purchase, because the lack of sleep was already noticeable in her health. Additionally I recommended her to attach a tachyonized SiTAC*CARD on the fuse box. This "card" harmonizes the entire internal power supply system.

The Feng Shui corrections of this consultation were small: differently colored cushions, etc.

As luck would have it, friends of mine were neighbors of this family and I knew that my friends - since they lived there - could practically never sleep through the night. Since I am bound by professional secrecy, I did not tell my friends about my Feng Shui and geobiology work of their neighbors.

The family who contacted me was so surprised by the effects of the tachyon products that they called me just one day later and told me that ALL four of them had slept through the whole night.

I invited my friends from next door for coffee and cake about a month later. She told me: "You won't believe me ... but for a good 3 weeks now my husband and I have been sleeping well again". This was not surprising to me, since the PHAROS II has a wide impact (more than 100m2). My good friend has thus unconsciously benefited from the harmonization of her neighbor's apartment. Nice ;-)

About 3 years later the neighboring family moved and from one day to the next my friends could not sleep through the night. For me, this is further proof that the PHAROS II really does have a generous effect.

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