We publish this reference with the kind permission of a radiesthetist who got to know our products in spring 2001 and has been integrating them into her Feng Shui consultations since then. Many thanks ;-)

This family contacted me because they heard from friends that I offer Feng Shui consultations in addition to geobiological analyses. By phone, the owner informed me that she had already used the services of another Feng Shui consultant, but that unfortunately nothing changed in the unfortunate situation.

The main problem was, according to her statement, that the couple got along very well before moving into the newly built villa, but now they were constantly arguing and sleeping very badly. In addition, her partner's career was blocked ... and, to make matters worse, her little 2-year-old child cries every night.

I'm all run down.

When I entered the beautiful villa, I was quite shocked because the whole wall (about 8 meters) near the fireplace was painted in red. The color red is assigned to the element fire ... as well as the fireplace!

I turned around and saw the beautiful open American kitchen. Painted in red bordeaux. Hmm, a bit too much fire, I thought to myself. I asked the owner if it was her wish to paint everything in red. No, she replied; we had done this afterwards on the instructions of the Feng Shui consultant.

Before everything was painted in cream-beige.

Then I explained to her the properties of the color red. What this color does if it is present in excess in an apartment / house ... and especially if, as in this case, the wall with the fireplace is painted in red. The element of fire of the fireplace, which is in daily use in winter, further enhances the color red.

That's why I was aware of why the couple were constantly arguing: the color red is much too stimulating, if not too aggressive. And this day and night.

After my brief explanation, the owner immediately called her husband, explained to him briefly why they were possibly arguing more often and immediately got the OK to order a painter to repaint everything in neutral color.

Furthermore I detected (with my pendulum) a strong geopatic disturbance zone in the bedroom of her little boy. Since his room was generously designed, we could move his little bed into a neutral zone. In the bedroom of the couple I noticed the presence of several geopatic disturbance zones (water vein, curry-net and Hartmann grid).

The whole chalet was full of geopathic disturbances ... and, to top it all off, there was a highly radiating fault line beneath the chalet. Faults are a burden on the psyche. People who live, work or sleep on a fault line tend to be aggressive or depressed. In buildings built on a rock fault, experience shows that people often argue loudly. People who live in houses burdened by a fault line are more likely to commit suicide and divorce more often.

As it was not possible to place the large double bed in a neutral zone and to harmonize the detected geopatic disturbances without help, I suggested to the owner to install a PHAROS II and explained to her in detail the effect of this extraordinary tachyon device. In addition -in order to harmonize the whole domestic power supply- I recommended her to place a SiTAC*CARD on the fuse box.

About a month later, this customer called me and told me that after placing the PHAROS II, "her baby" immediately slept much better … and that she and her sweetheart are now sleeping very well, too … and most importantly, that they are no longer quarreling. And, by the way, that also the business problems of her husband belong to the past. He was extremely surprised that with the PHAROS II there was a completely new energy in such a short time, which apparently also led to his business running much better.

Apart from the information mentioned above, I had been allowed to prepare an additional numerological consultation for this family. In a further step, I explained to the owner the design of the outside area using Feng Shui measures. She had noted down all "instructions" exactly ... and followed them exactly.

Conclusion: The harmony in the chalet was achieved in a very short time ;-)

Thank you for your wonderful products!

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