In spring 2009 we were asked by one of our resellers - a farmer by profession and a well-known dowser - if we could help a farmer friend of his. In the spring of 2008, two mobile phone antennas were installed in the immediate vicinity of his farm. Shortly afterwards he noticed that the behavior of the cows had changed significantly.

a) miscarriages occurred more frequently
b) several cows suffered from inflammation
c) the milk yield decreased
d) the quality of the milk (fat content) was reduced
e) some of the cows did not become pregnant at all

The probably most decisive proof - in the true sense of the word - was that practically all cows showed strong behavioral disturbances: On the one hand, this was evident by constantly moving the head back and forth, and on the other hand, the farmer and his family noticed that shortly after the installation of the mobile phone antennas, most of the cows trotted restlessly back and forth.

At the time of the inquiry we had completed the test phase of PHAROS II, which lasted a good one year, with encouraging results. Therefore we suggested our sales partner to start a trial with this new tachyon device. Trials with other products (whether from other suppliers or not) had unfortunately not achieved the desired effect.

Exactly 10 days later we received the following feedback from our sales partner: "After placing a PHAROS II in the kitchen and facing north, I checked the energy level in the whole house.

The evaluations with the rod and the pendulum showed me that the external influences of the mobile phone antennas as well as the high voltage line, which also runs in close proximity, were harmonized. Shortly afterwards I walked over to the stables attached to the house.

The farmer friend welcomed me with the following words: "What have you done? Come and look at my cows!" He said that two or three minutes ago, all the cows were lying down in the middle of the box. Until today, they were lying all over the place, as if they were trying to avoid the interference!

PS: Now the farmer's family as well as the cows feel very well ;-)

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