This interesting feedback about PHAROS II, which we are pleased to present here, comes from a medium-sized medical clinic that primarily cares for people who suffer from Alzheimer's on the one hand and Parkinson's on the other.

In the summer of 2010 we were asked by the management of this medical clinic whether there was a possibility to harmonize the internal Wi-Fi network. The information came directly from a family member of one of their patients. She would even be willing to pay for the harmonization of the building.

In order to ensure the greatest possible discretion, we were asked to come outside of visiting hours to perform the relevant analyses. In the same breath, the person in charge told us that she personally did not believe in such "humbug" and that it was all in the minds of such over-sensitive people. However, she had been "forced" by the supervisory board to contact us.

After we fixed the date of the visit, we analyzed the medium-sized medical clinic as agreed on a (sunny) Sunday. About one hour later we determined the "location" of PHAROS II. In order to avoid unnecessary questions from the visitors and the nursing home staff (who, by the way, are not informed about this measure), we locked PHAROS II in a cupboard - invisible to all - at the insistence of the five responsible persons present. The key of this cabinet is managed by the board of directors.

Just 14 days later, we received a first message from the person who had contacted us by phone before: "As you know, I don't believe in such humbug", but what we could immediately notice is the following: it clearly appears, however, that our employees are less stressed, although we did not tell anyone about your visit. And, as you know, we take care of people who need our utmost attention.

However, the most inexplicable thing for all of us - especially for me - is the fact that for ALL patients without exception, the dosage of the medication had to be reduced, sometimes drastically, and that the patients who find communication easy say that they have been feeling better for a few days.

We cannot explain these effects logically, because all the clinical tests that we have conducted and of course are still conducting clearly show that the state of health of practically all patients has obviously improved".

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