Restore our free will and create a light-filled environment.

The E*GATE obelisk, which is cut from a flawless block of borosilicate, interacts primarily with the theme of Free Will. The name E*GATE means : Energy-Gate.

The energy of this wonderful object is connected to subtle areas that surround us and our mother earth.

These energies can help us to achieve various things on the material plane. It causes - among other things - that the atmosphere of an apartment or a house is balanced and in the long run harmony among the inhabitants is created. The E*GATE Obelisk, whose construction is based on the Golden Section, creates free space for the people concerned to a certain extent.

Quiet places between plants or in front of beautiful pictures would be an optimal place to place this tachyon product. The E*GATE Obelisk carries joy in itself. Although this may seem unusual, it can be observed that users are confronted with their own joy of life. The energies surrounding the E*GATE Obelisk can support, help to clarify "things" and manifest harmony on all levels.

Every E*GATE Obelisk is interactive and reacts, as unusual as it may seem, even to unconscious reactions, ideas and potentials of the users. Although it is only an object, it is something like a "roommate".

The information for this wonderful object, which we channelled, applies primarily to the following three areas of application:

1) to free us from invisible, manipulative energies
2) for energetic cleaning of the living and/or working area
3) to create a light-filled ambience in our living space

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion