It is generally known that quantum biology has developed from quantum physics, which was founded by Nobel Prize winner Max Planck. This in turn is closely linked to modern bio-physics. This sector, which may be reminiscent of science fiction, presents such fantastic phenomena every day that it is far beyond our imagination.

In recent years, the natural phenomenon of left or right rotation in the field of action of substances and organisms has become an extremely spectacular and interesting research objective. These two specific terms have been in use for quite some time for phenomena that are revealed in biochemical studies under the microscope, such as the test of lactic acid under polarized light.

Research results clearly show that these left-hand turns have a very strong influence on biological organisms. The left-turn, which is attributed to electromagnetic alternating fields (cell phones, power lines, cell phone antennas, microwave ovens, roadways, etc.), is highly detrimental to animal, plant and human organisms.

Experts use the term "handedness" for these polarizations or rotations. Interesting technical literature, which introduces interested people deeper into this matter: "Händigkeit im Universum" by Hegström/Kondepuli in "Spektrum der Wissenschaft", March 1990, or "Die wunderbare Händigkeit der Moleküle: Vom Ursprung des Lebens aus der Asymmetrie der Natur" by Dieter Rein, Birkhäuser-Verlag, 1993.

As you may know, electricity flows in the cells, in the cell membranes and in the outer walls of the cells; not high voltage current, but electricity. This current flow can be precisely measured with technical devices.

So what happens is that external electromagnetic radiation (from power lines, mobile phone antennas, WLAN, WiFi, cell phones, etc.) changes and depolarizes the electrical potential of the cells. Science knows very well that this also results in a significant loss of vital biophotons in the cell. Moreover, it has been known for many years that the spiral of the double helix in the cell can also be left- or right-turning! According to the latest research, this left-turning spiral has been discovered in the DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid) of cancer patients!

The double helix of DNA should be a double-wound clockwise spiral, just like in the plant or animal kingdom. This spiral is found, for example, in the Nautilus snail, the pineapple, the corn cob, the willow plantain, the bud of the winch (which, by the way, is called the "living corkscrew") or the normal daisy. This flower also amazes with a very special performance: it has 21 spirals arranged clockwise and 34 spirals arranged counter-clockwise. This 21:34 ratio was declared several hundred years ago by the genius Leonardo Fibonacci da Pisa.

In the research work of Prof. Dr. Fritz Albert Popp, member of the New York Academy of Sciences and founder of the International Institute of Biophysics, it is confirmed that during a disordered spin the photon emission of the cell is amplified and that during cell death a maximum photon emission and collapse of the polarity of the cell occurs. Today we can prove with certainty that left-turning energy patterns can be repolarized with BIOTAC Line© tachyon products !

To make the subject of electricity visible, specialists use an oscillograph. For all technical devices like TV, stove, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, etc. we use the electricity that comes out of the power outlet. This is so-called alternating current. Alternating current is produced by generators in power stations. A rotor in the generator rotates 360 degrees.

This creates a voltage with alternating polarity, i.e. a sinusoidal waveform. The most important alternating voltage is our 240 Volt network. It has a frequency of 50Hz. That is 50 revolutions per second of a rotor in the generator. In 1820 the Danish chemist Hans Christian Ørsted discovered the phenomenon of electromagnetism. In the same year Michael Faraday published the result of his work.

As you can see in the picture above, the current makes jumps; jumps into the magnetic plus and jumps into the magnetic minus. These jumps put a strain on all natural organisms. However, this view is only a 2-dimensional view. Electricity, however, is not only 2-dimensional, but three-dimensional and does not just move up and down, as shown here.

Electric current "moves" in spiral waves around the electric cable. For this reason the picture should look like this: As you can see from the sketch, the current winds its way from A to B and to the left! This "forward movement" creates a magnetic field that counteracts and stresses all organisms.

If a tachyonized SiTAC*CARD is now placed at the entrance of the circuit, the tachyons cause a re-polarization of the "serpentines", which will look like this afterwards:

The current now meanders "laterally reversed" around the cable and thus generates a magnetic field that is not harmful to the organism.

Seen from the side, i.e. on an oscilloscope, there is of course no difference noticeable, because the up and down movement is more or less all that this technical device can display.

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