Please don't be angry with us, but in this section we may use technical terms a bit too often. Just read slowly, if you are really interested ;-)) Thanks for your understanding !

Physicists know that electromagnetic alternating fields in the body of living beings induce electric vortex fields. These in turn activate electrical charge carriers and cause eddy currents (in relation to the human body called stimulation currents).

The electrophysiology knows for the area of electrosmog the three principles of the irritant effect, thermal effect and the athermal effect.

A) The irritant effect: The electrical processes on cell membranes are followed by low-frequency electrical variations from outside; for high-frequency fields only if they are modulated with low frequency. Excitable cells are for example nerves, muscles, glands and sensory cells. Such stimuli find practical application e.g. in prosthesis control by thoughts.

B) The thermal effect: The thermal effect in tissue containing water (i.e. also in your body) is caused by coercive frictional forces of electric dipoles, which move by orientation in the rhythm of induced alternating fields. These electric dipoles in the human body are mainly water molecules and influence all organs.

Between the different tissue layers (e.g. fat / muscle), electrosmog can cause local heating, also known as "hot-spot effect". A distinction is made between physiological heat, which is generated in the body by the well-known redox process, and cell-internal heat (caused by high-frequency electromagnetic radiation). There is a big difference between both types of heat, both physically and biologically.

The cooling system of our body is the skin with its capillary system: skin weight 5 kg, of which blood 1.5 kg. High-frequency currents condense - depending on the frequency-dependent depth of penetration - on the body surface (skin effect). This is exactly where (in the skin) cold- and thermoreceptors are located, which regulate the capillary dilatation in the skin. The cells floating in the blood (erythrocytes, leucocytes, hormones, proteins, salts, etc.), as well as components with poor blood circulation (e.g. sperm, bladder, eye lens) are damaged by the internal local heat generated by high-frequency radiation. The steric configuration of proteins is also deformed (blood proteins can be denatured at elevated temperatures).

C) The athermal effect: The latest scientific findings indicate that all living beings have perception systems that react to environmental influences (environmental toxins, climate change, etc.). The nerve cells play an enormously important role in this. There is a multitude of stimulus-specific (sensory) receptors. Thus, even microscopically small scent molecules can trigger an action potential (trigger process according to Pavlov) and synergetic effects. You know this reaction under the term "when the water runs in your mouth". The sensory cells transform the stimuli into electrical voltage-drop at the cell membrane and conduct them directly to the central nervous system. This creates corresponding reactions (e.g. muscle contraction, glandular secretion). If this communication is disturbed by external long-term influences (e.g. induced stimulation currents), the cell loses its control function and chaos results (Sackman and Neher, Nobel Prize 1991).

Leukemia (blood cancer) is unfortunately becoming more and more common in the following professions: electric locomotive drivers, aircraft captains and the crew as well as employees of electricity companies. We suspect that nowadays many commercial employees are working in danger zones, too. More and more technical devices are in the offices and the ozone-producing laser printers add salt to the soup.

It has been proven that the head area of humans is particularly endangered because the brain contains magnetic crystals that can be stimulated by external electric fields. The head also contains the pineal gland (epiphysis), which synthesizes the cancer-inhibiting hormone melatonin. Since the electromagnetic fields inhibit this synthesis - and in some cases completely prevent it - certain disease symptoms are inevitable. Calcium ions, which are indispensable for neurological functions, also show losses under electromagnetic radiation.

Did you know that in Canada and in Sweden there is a ban on pregnant women not being allowed to work at a computer screen because of the increased risk of miscarriage? Because despite lower levels of X-rays on new monitors, screen work still causes similar symptoms to sleeping on earth radiation for many people. These reactions do not occur if the monitor's radiation is harmonized with tachyon products (e.g. GOLD*CHIP).

It has also been observed time and again that songbirds trapped in cages near screens become depressed. However, when screens are "repolarized and harmonized" by tachyon energy, they behave as if there was no screen in the room - they sing again.

The positive results achieved with BIOTAC Line© Tachyon products have prompted a great number of people to purchase them as preventive health care since 1995.

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