Harmonizes electrosmog in living and working areas !

Electrosmog is not only generated by mobile phone antennas, high-voltage lines, satellite dishes and roadway lines.

Electrosmog surrounds us even in living and working areas. And not only through connected electric / electronic devices, but also through the electric cables that are laid in the walls. Since the cables of these permanently installed lines are mainly made of insulated copper wire, you can imagine that there are actually antennas everywhere in your walls.

The fact that stretched wires function like antennas and pick up signals was proven by the German physicist Heinrich Hertz on November 11, 1886, when he succeeded in providing the first experimental proof by transmitting electromagnetic waves from a transmitter to a receiver.

You can therefore assume that the installed lines on the one hand resonate with all connected devices (lamps, TV, radio alarm clock, refrigerator, etc. etc.) in the living and working area and on the other hand also with all signals that enter the building from outside:

radio, television, radio, mobile phone, Wi-Fi, etc., etc.

All these current flows and signals generate so-called left-circular oscillations, which are highly harmful to all living organisms. Modern man is exposed to these vibrations every day.

SiTAC*CARDs repolarize the entire power supply system of an apartment (A6 or A5) or single-family home (A5 or A4 format depending on intensity). The effect of SiTAC*CARDs amazes all users again and again ! Beside the other BIOTAC LINE© Tachyon products, which we were allowed to develop since 1995, the SiTAC*CARDs show an enormous potential for the personal well-being !

The application is very easy : Fix the laminated SiTAC*CARD with an adhesive tape in the inner door of the fuse box or stick it directly on the fuses.

You can assume with 100% certainty that after the integration of the SiTAC*CARD all connected devices and of course all power lines will have a right-hand spin. With one exception: microwave devices. For various reasons, which we do not want to go into here, we recommend not to use this "cooking aid". Just ask your kinesiologist.

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
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