People who have already had experience with our products know that we apply laws of nature for their implementation, which are not necessarily known to everyone. This is also the case with the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon; on the one hand we use noble, natural materials such as pure silicon, brass and gold ... and on the other hand we take care to use the most perfect and harmonious design possible.

The GOLD*CHIP Medaillon is made of crystal clear silicon, which has the following properties:

>• purifies the aura
>• helps to create clarity
>• helps to detoxify the body

As this pendant is slightly convex on the front side, i.e. has a slightly outwardly curved lens, it attenuates external disturbing influences by "breaking them up". The flat back of this pendant forms a perfect circle, which stands for wholeness, balance, harmony, cosmos and equilibrium.

In relation to the Kabbalah, the ten-petalled, gilded flower is associated with Malkuth, the first sphere through which the initiate enters the Tree of Life. "Coincidentally" the color of this sephirot is associated with rock crystal and quartz, which in turn resonates with the crystal clear "outer skin" of the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon.

So, enough of the alchemy ... in the following we will go a bit closer to the used metals and the geometrical form of the golden "flower". Perhaps you are aware that everything you wear has a clearly defined vibration. Whether you wear cotton clothing or wrap yourself in synthetic fabrics, your body reacts to it. It is also important to know which symbols you surround yourself with.

Since matter is the name for the substance that all things in the world are made of, and this substance in turn consists of the smallest particles hidden from the human eye, you may think that:

mizaru, kikazaru, iwazaru

You can assume that a lot of alchemical knowledge is hidden in this pendant and that it has an extraordinary effect thanks to our Tachyonization process. The GOLD*CHIP Medaillon consists of two pentagrams, a decagram and a circle. The flower is made of brass (zinc-copper) and gold.

Seen from a homeopathic point of view:

>• gold is helpful for depressions
>• silicon is helpful for lack of vitality
>• zinc is helpful for concentration disorders
>• copper is helpful for mood swings

>• rubric: Silicon, brass & gold
>• rubric: Confucius

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion