For electrosensitive people

With the GOLD*CHIP pendant -which is the consistent implementation of our successful GOLD*CHIP- we have been offering a tachyonized pendant since the summer of 2015.

We owe the idea for its realization to people who have had very good experiences with the GOLD*CHIP and who wanted an effective pendant.

The GOLD*CHIP pendant complements another product in our range; the GOLD*CARD.

There are good reasons why we use the same materials for these products: Among other things, gold strengthens the electrical potential of our body cells.

In tachyonized form, the precious metal gold can repolarize electrical fields in a very short time and is ideally suited to reliably protect the organism from the influence of electrical and electromagnetic interference fields.

It may be a bit daring to ignore pseudo-scientific statements, even to seriously question them, because electrosmog is harmless in the opinion of many scientists. We leave it up to you to take these statements at face value. Why don't you ask your kinesiologist and have the effects of electromagnetic radiation on your body tested?


It seems that most people are still unaware that the cause of this problem is strongly related to the modernization of work equipment. Since the 1990s, the air in modern office buildings has been saturated with electrosmog and positive polarized ions caused by the multitude of technical devices.

The effects of this chemical-electrical load on our organism are described here in brief:

>• sleep disorders
>• tendency to nervousness, depression
>• cancer, rheumatism, arthritis, tumors
>• tiredness, even after a long sleep
>• allergies, skin problems, susceptibility to infections
>• limb and joint pain, muscle cramps
>• lack of concentration, frequent headaches

Material: pure silicon, brass 24kt gold plated
Eyelet of pure silver
diameter: 30mm

>• rubric: Silicon, brass & gold
>• rubric: Confucius

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion