The GOLD*CHIP Disc is there to protect from electromagnetic radiation that enters buildings from the outside:

>• rail lines
>• mobile phone antennas
>• high-voltage lines
>• satellite dishes / dish antennas
>• train, tram and trolleybus lines

In order to protect yourself (and your family … and your employees) against the above-mentioned influences, the GOLD*CHIP Disc (pure crystalline silicon, Ø 17cm) is placed inside the home or workplace (on the wall or window facing the source of interference).

Latest feedback

In mid-April 2020 (in the middle of the Corona pandemic) we received this very short feedback from a farmer who had already had very good experiences with our PHAROS II:

My mother was taken to a cantonal hospital (in Switzerland) a few days ago. Already on the second day she complained about sleeping problems and other problems she had not had before. I thought to myself: now I have to look for a needle in a haystack! When I looked out of the room on the occasion of my next visit, I "discovered" a mobile phone antenna. On request, the management informed me that it was a new 5G antenna, which was "recently" installed and put into operation.

Thereupon I contacted an acquaintance of mine, who has been working with bio-resonance for more than 30 years and knows the topic of electrosmog very well. She then tried to harmonize the room with symbols and various products: unfortunately without success!

Shortly afterwards she sent me a GOLD*CHIP disc, which I hung up in the room, facing the antenna. My mother, who is now 85 years old, told me shortly after: "I feel much better already; both when I'm lying in bed and sitting on the chair!"

Not only are agricultural enterprises (concerned by radiation from high-voltage power lines and mobile phone antennas) pleased to confirm the extremely positive effects of this "disc". In particular with regard to changing the behavior of the animals concerned, such as cows, pigs, chickens, etc., they have been able to make a significant contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of their animals. Before installing the GOLD*CHIP Disc ...

a) more miscarriages occurred ...
b) most cows suffered from inflammation ...
c) the individual performance of dairy cows was declining ...
d) the quality of the milk (fat content) was decreasing ...
e) great difficulties in gestation were also manifested ...

Railroad lines: It may sound exaggerated not to live in the immediate vicinity of railroad lines. But the back current that emanates from the railroad lines contaminates whole quarters !

However, a good third of the return current does not flow back via rail and ground cable, but via the ground, where it seeks the path of least resistance: metallic pipes of the water and gas supply and causes immense corrosion damage. However, the greatest damage is inflicted on humans, animals and plants. The magnetic fields near railroad lines can have magnetic fields of up to 8000nT - depending on the distance to the lines. Just by the way: a magnetic field of "only" 300nT (NanoTesla) is sufficient to strongly impair the natural ion exchange between the cells!

* * *

A few years ago a new service was introduced for rail passengers: Antennas for cell phones. This allows passengers to benefit from perfect reception for their conversations. And, depending on where you sit, reception is even better thanks to so-called repeaters. If you feel you are being addressed by this, we recommend that you wear a GOLD*CHIP Medaillon or an AURA*Shield.

Streetcar and trolley-bus: If you live next to a streetcar or trolley-bus line, similar statements apply as for the train lines. Also here we find out on the part of our customers again and again that affected persons complain about sleep disturbances. Your attending physician does not have an easy job with you, since your recurrent behavior allows an improvement of the symptoms in the rarest cases.

The attachment of a GOLD*CHIP disc can in most cases provide the necessary relief within a very short time. If the symptoms are still present, we recommend that you look for another apartment.

Mobile phone antennas: "Clever" companies are now cleverly disguising their antennas. In 2004, for example, our distribution partner in South Africa informed us that new, wonderful, large palm trees had appeared overnight in several districts. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that these were made of plastic and that, by chance, new small transformer stations were located in their vicinity.

High voltage lines: For many years, the health risks posed by high-voltage power lines have been the subject of constant investigation, and surprisingly, they have been trivialized time and again. Just as manufacturers of cell phones cannot yet admit that cell phone radiation is harmful to health, the operators of transmission masts still deny the harmfulness of radio waves at the moment.

Parabolic antennas / satellite dishes: Parabolic antennas, also called antenna dishes or satellite dishes, focus microwave radiation at the focal point of the parabolic mirror. There the radiation is detected by a detector (horn radiator) and transmitted. This is also an indispensable "thing" for technology and our everyday life which, according to many statements, does not produce electrosmog. Unfortunately, practice shows that many people suffer from sleep disorders and other symptoms.

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