The tachyonized GOLD*CHIP (24k gold plated brass alloy, 25x0.2mm) that our team (Norbert Kindl and Marco-Raffaello Dozio) developed and introduced to a critical audience in the summer of 1997, probably still represents the world's safest product when it comes to harmonizing electromagnetic radiation from smartphones and other electronic devices.

Uncertainty: In the last few years, more and more manufacturers are flooding the market with dubious statements … unfortunately resulting that this mess of products do cause quite a stir for really interested people … and even prevent them from choosing a product.

Expensive cheep goods: These days you will primarily find plastic-stickers on the market, which are cheaply produced in the land of the dragon, absolutely unecological transported over thousands of miles ... and sometimes sold for dreadful prices starting from some 30 Swiss Francs up to 180 Swiss Francs and even more. Well, fear-based business seems to be really simple.

In most cases lots of these "harmonizing" plastic stickers depict all kind of odd symbols ... but some of them show a rather interesting symbol: the Flower of Life. Generally speaking, this harmonic symbol radiates a wonderful energy. However, extensive kinesiological tests clearly prove that the energy spectrum of these stickers is unfortunately not sufficient to harmonize the harmful radiation of a smartphone.

Please do not forget: the cheaply manufactured plastic stickers feature a biological atomic structure which is anything than health-promoting. The radiation of the smartphone even amplifies the disharmonic atomic structure of these products. Hmmm.

Thanks to the analysis of the scientific and biophysical studies and -above all- thanks to the numerous feedbacks from our customers, we can claim with a clear conscience to the best of one's knowledge and belief that the GOLD*CHIP not only transforms harmful radiation from electronic devices, but that this little gadget helps:

... to feel less stressed ...
... to better concentrate ...
... to feel more centered ...
... to feel much better ...
... to achieve more success ...

* * *

Inspiration: One sunny day in summer 1997, Marco was enjoying a good espresso, he had once more a cool inspiration which has led to the goal to create the HANDY-CHIP (that's how the chip was designated). To be honest, "his" idea was for sure based on -at that time- a futuristic idea and a futuristic concept of a prototype conceived by his business partner, Norbert Kindl of TerraLine GmbH. You can well imagine that we didn't know that the topic "Electric Smog" will, one day, will cause massive ripples.

Plagiarism: Meanwhile some "competitors" have gone to such extents that they incorporate the designation "chip" -which has originally been created by Marco- in their so called e-smog harmonizing products. Well. It may be possible that this kind of "brand-hijacking" is promotional. Who knows?

Kinesiology (muscle testing): Back in August 1985, when Marco started learning kinesiology, he personally experienced the beneficial opportunities that this astonishing "technique" can offer. On the world wide web you'll find lots of persons that published interesting information about kinesiology. Why are we mentioning all that? Because we are convinced that it might be helpful for you to learn the basics of this technique … in order to be able to test independently whether a statement or a remedy is beneficial for your health or not.

You'll see: in a little while you will be capable of testing a great number of things that may help you to increase you own well-being. Have fun and start being more and more open-minded ;-)

* * *

Scientific studies: Various studies as well as a multitude of kinesiologists and therapists working in the field of bio-resonance and radionics will gladly prove the effectiveness of our small "chip". We would like to emphasize in particular the study made in August 2001, which was carried out by Coghill Research Laboratories in Gwent (England). The results achieved can still be described today as exceptional and "not normal".

In addition, the energy spectrum of the GOLD*CHIP has been examined several times with the method developed by the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto (The Hidden Messages in Water). When we got the results of the June 2004 study, we were very surprised. This (and the other studies, too) shows unequivocally that the radiation of a mobile phone completely destroys the crystalline structure of water. Considering that our brain consists of approx. 73% of water …

* * *

And what about 5G ???: To be honest, at the moment we can't provide consistent information and sufficient in-depth studies ; even if some providers claim having the solution (OK, why not?). Kinesiological and radiesthetic tests show that our GOLD*CHIP seems to be ready for 5G; in the same effortless way when he build the bridge from 3G to 4G.

Warranty: Due to the experience acquired in more than 20 years and due to all the feedbacks that reach us on a regular basis, we can confirm to the best of one's knowledge and belief, that the protecting effects of the GOLD*CHIP are impeccable even after many years. We therefore proudly offer a 10-year warranty of functionality from the date of purchase!

In the following sections, we briefly present the most important application possibilities of the GOLD*CHIP.

>• GOLD*CHIP ... for smartphones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for tablets
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for laptops
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for screens
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless keyboards
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless DECT-phones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for Wi-Fi router
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for babyphones

>• GOLD*CHIP ... scientific and bioenergetic studies

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