You surfed -for whatever reason- on our homepage. Be it because somebody advised you to do it … be it because of all the information about electric smog that makes you feel a little bit terrified … be it ‘cause you show certain symptoms giving food for thoughts. Or, be it ‘cause you want to want to keep up with the most innovative high-tech gadgets !

Even your touchpad (as your smartphone, too) presents a source which provides your body with subtle electric stimuli; absorbed by your fingertips: Apple or not.

It doesn't matter. Now you have the opportunity to get a little something extraordinary ... and all this for a bit and whose effectiveness should not be underestimated.

... dnah eht ni rorrim, rorriM

Maybe not a stupid idea to stick a GOLD*CHIP on the pad. Did you know that lots of kids have to bring their own in school in order to keep up with their lessons ?

Thanks to the experiences we have been able to make for more than twenty years and thanks to the numerous testimonies that regularly reach us, we can confirm in full knowledge, that the positive effects of the GOLD*CHIP -manufactured by our company- are impeccable even after many years. It is therefore with pleasure that we can offer a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of your purchase!

In the following sections, we briefly present the most important application possibilities of the GOLD*CHIP.

>• GOLD*CHIP ... for smartphones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for tablets
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for laptops
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for screens
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless keyboards
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless DECT-phones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for Wi-Fi router
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for babyphones

>• GOLD*CHIP ... scientific and bioenergetic studies

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion