As already said: the little "thing" was developed in the summer of 1997. The GOLD*CHIP (brass, 24 carat gold) has been available since the time when Hong Kong was handed over to the People's Republic of China by the United Kingdom ... when Tiger Woods, then 21 years old, became the youngest golfer to win the Masters ... and when scientists in Scotland managed to clone Dolly ...

... when Microsoft bought a $150 million minority stake from Apple Computers ... when the following films were released in theaters: The Fifth Element ... Men in Black ... Titanic ... La vita é bella ... The Devil's Advocate ... As Good as It Gets ... 100% Arabica ... Cheerleaders in space ... and so on

And if you think it's esoteric nonsense: you're wrong!

A) already in the 90's we presented anti-electrosmog products ... and B) we have explicit scientific studies that undeniably support the effectiveness of GOLD*CHIP.

Thanks to the experiences we have been able to make for more than twenty years and thanks to the numerous testimonies that regularly reach us, we can confirm in full knowledge, that the positive effects of the GOLD*CHIP -manufactured by our company- are impeccable even after many years. It is therefore with pleasure that we can offer a 10-year functional guarantee: from the date of your purchase!

In the following sections, we briefly present the most important application possibilities of the GOLD*CHIP.

>• GOLD*CHIP ... for smartphones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for tablets
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for laptops
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for screens
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless keyboards
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for cordless DECT-phones
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for Wi-Fi router
>• GOLD*CHIP ... for babyphones

>• GOLD*CHIP ... scientific and bioenergetic studies

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion