In this section we present products designed for personal protection in connection with electrosmog.

We would like to emphasize first of all the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon, which is the consequent implementation of our successful GOLD*CHIP. Apart from the fact that the GOLD*CHIP Medaillon is an effective protection against electrosmog, practically all people find that since wearing this pendant they feel more energy, can work more relaxed and concentrated ... and feel less stressed. A feat; the influence of electrosmog should not be underestimated.

Link for detailed information about the GOLD*CHIP Medallion, designed primarily for electrosensitive people; secondarily for those who are looking for an effective pendant that does not lose its effect even after many years.

Furthermore we present the AURA*Shield, a tachyon pendant, which we have been offering since mid 2006. Originally designed as a protection pendant against electrosmog, it has turned out over the years that this pendant is often intuitively chosen by people who often have to endure disparaging remarks, unfair criticism and nasty machinations in their professional and private environment.

Wearing the AURA*Shield helps to strengthen the personal aura and our subtle bodies (chakras) and to protect them from unwanted energies manifested by people in the immediate environment. Due to the many interesting feedbacks, the AURA*Shield was given the designation "Anti-Bullying Pendant" within our team.

Link for detailed information about the AURA*Shield.

Furthermore we present the GOLD*CHIP, a small gadget, which is on the market since 1997. Various studies - be it technical or energetic (bio-resonance, radionics, electro-acupuncture according to Voll, kinesiology, etc.) - prove its extraordinary potential.

Probably the most important product in our entire range.

Under this link we have published detailed information about the GOLD*CHIP.

With the GOLD*CARD, we have been offering a small Energy*Card for over 20 years, which has already made life easier for many electrosensitive people, especially men.

To protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, you can place the GOLD*CARD in the shirt pocket or in the breast pocket of your suit.

Worn at this level, the tachyon field that forms around the GOLD*CARD acts directly on the thymus and thyroid gland. With great certainty you will be able to concentrate better ! Under this link we have published detailed information about the GOLD*CARD.

With the SiTAC*CARD, we already offered a tachyon product in 1996 that was unique in this form.

The SiTAC*CARDs repolarize - depending on their size - the entire power grid of an apartment, a single-family house, a business premises or even commercial buildings.

In fact, electrosmog is generated not only by smartphones, Wi-Fi routers, mobile phone antennas, high-voltage power lines, satellite dishes and roadway wires; electrosmog also envelops us in our living and working spaces. And not just from connected electrical / electronic devices, but also from the electrical wires that are installed in the walls. Since the cables of these wires are mainly made of insulated copper wire, you can imagine that there are actually antennas everywhere in your walls.

Under this link we have published detailed information about the SiTAC*CARDs.

Last but not least, we present the GOLD*CHIP Disc, the successor to the IMERA-Disc we launched in 2002.

As more and more 5G antennas are installed, often without informing the immediate residents, we were asked if there was a possibility to develop a corresponding tachyon product.

After several attempts with new materials and components, we finally found what we were looking for ... and since the beginning of March 2020 we are allowed to present with the GOLD*CHIP Disc a tachyon product, which is able to suppress electromagnetic radiations, which penetrate from the outside. Thereby we speak in the first place of:

>• Mobile phone antennas
>• High voltage power lines
>• Rail, streetcar and trolleybus lines
>• Satellite dishes and parabolic antennas

We have published detailed information about the GOLD*CHIP Disc under this link.

Since medicine has been dealing with the problem of electrosmog, many new clinical pictures have been registered.

It has been proven that the head area of the human being is particularly endangered because the brain contains magnetic crystals which are stimulated by external electric fields. The head also contains the pineal gland (epiphysis), which synthesizes the cancer-inhibiting hormone melatonin.

Since the electromagnetic fields inhibit this synthesis and in some cases completely prevent it, certain disease symptoms are inevitable.

From serotonin, it secretes melatonin (a cancer-inhibiting hormone) and plays - via this hormone - a central role in the regulation of biological rhythms (sleep/wake and seasonal). Since electromagnetic fields inhibit this synthesis and sometimes suppress it completely, certain symptoms of illness are inevitable.

* * *

According to Joseph L. Kirschvink, (the scientist who discovered magnetite in the brain) whales orient themselves during their migrations based on the magnetic fields of the seabed (magnetite is sensitive to external magnetic fields) and they most often strand on beaches located near geomagnetic anomalies.

Kirschvink demonstrated that the magnetite in the bee's abdomen allowed the bee to face the earth's magnetic field. According to what has been seen above, magnetite can be compared to a compass that helps animals to find their way.

Using pleomorphology (dark-field diagnostics), corresponding damage in the blood can be diagnosed with amazing accuracy and ease.

In contrast to the normal blood test, the pleomorphology blood test (dark field microscopy), analyzes living blood ... in all its vitality. Under the microscope you can see very clearly how the blood cells move, how they deform and how they behave with each other. Pleomorphology helps above all to visualize the quality of blood components and their functionality.

Professor Günther Enderlein is the founder of darkfield microscopy of blood. He discovered that it is possible to detect disturbances - in particular - tendencies to certain diseases before the body is affected by the disease.

The immune system senses that cells absorb much less oxygen if they are exposed in close proximity to harmful radiation. Because of this very subtle electrical stimulation, the flow of energy between the cell membrane and the cell nucleus as well as the performance of synapses (crossroads between nerve cells) is severely disrupted. Symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, headaches, loss of concentration or burning sensation in the eyes may appear.

Of concern is the fact that children who attend irradiated schools have -statistically proven- a significantly lower chance of making the school-college transition. According to scientific studies, children between the ages of 4 and 6 absorb more than 60% more radiation than adults. Why is this?

Because the child's skull cap is thinner.


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