To effectively counteract the phenomenon of electrosmog, we have developed the AURA*Shield.

Kinesiological muscle tests prove beyond a doubt that the AURA-Shield is able to noticeably protect and relieve our organism.

In implementing the requirements for this tachyon product, we have integrated various bio-physical laws. On the one hand, each AURA*Shield is individually made of pure silicon, on the other hand we deliberately use the color light blue/turquoise. Today it is undisputed that the frequency of turquoise strengthens the thymus gland and can therefore protect it from straining vibrations. In addition, this color promotes communication, creativity and self-confidence, as it has a direct influence on the functions of the thyroid gland.

Due to the many feedbacks we have received since its introduction in 2006, we can confirm with good certainty that wearing the AURA*Shield has very interesting side effects:

>• stress reduction
>• greater business success
>• higher power of concentration
>• increased creativity and mental freshness
>• less fatigue around electrical devices
>• well-being, even after a long time working on the screen

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion