In practice, we have noticed that in recent years more and more employees, even in leading positions, have been confronted with the topic of burnout symptoms. It is really shocking that according to current studies about 70% of the interviewed persons suffer from permanent physical and mental exhaustion! One reason for this may be that practically all respondents have no opportunity to recover briefly during the working day.

We like to remember that in the 70's and 80's it was still common to have a 15-minute break in the morning and afternoon. These breaks served the well-being of the entire staff of the company and thus of course directly the success of the company. These short breaks served both for food intake and an interactive exchange on an interpersonal basis:

Doping for body and soul ;-)

Another interesting fact is that these pauses occurred at times when the human organism was occupied with the topic "digestion". In Chinese medicine, the time at 09:00h completes the active cycle of the stomach, while 15:00h completes the active cycle of the small intestine.

Unfortunately, it seems to be the case that the use of the "coffee break" is practically no longer in use today. Most people are still not aware that the cause of this problem has to do with the modernization of work equipment.

The next question we now address to people who have earned their living as office employees during these years: Do you remember your typewriter, the cable telephones?

No laser printers! No WiFi! No cable spaghetti! No cell phones! No remote controls for this and that!

At that time, the air was not yet polluted to the extent it is today. Since the 1990s, the air in modern office buildings has been saturated by electrosmog and negative polarized ions produced by the multitude of technical devices that exchange information via the ether.

You are certainly aware of the effects this type of chemical-electrical stress has on our organism. Especially people who made the change from old tube monitors to LCD/TFT screens complained about health problems.

Meanwhile there are concrete indications that flat screens can cause irreversible damage to the eye due to their backlighting with an extremely high blue component.

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