Quality improvement

Our products cause a qualitative improvement. They increase the vibratory potential of tap water and beverages as well as of all food prepared with revitalized water. From a physical point of view, our products demonstrably change the surface tension, which leads to a significant improvement in the transport of nutrients to the cell and the transport of pollutants from the cell.

Pleasant taste

Again and again we receive feed-back confirming the statement that vitalized water tastes different. Children in particular seem to appreciate that lemonade and iced tea simply taste much better with vitalized water.


Based on the achieved results, which we are confronted with again and again since the presentation of our tachyon products, it can be clearly determined if and how the water quality changes.

Less limestone

Consumers very often report that there is a tendency to detect less lime after the installation of our products. This of course protects all connected machines, pipes and kitchen appliances. However, we would like to point out that our systems were not developed for this purpose.

Smoother skin

We often receive reports that after showering, thanks to tachyons, the skin is no longer so dry. In this regard, the Aquajet is the first and foremost proven solution, which ensures that on the one hand less water is used when showering and on the other hand the shower water is vitalized.


Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
Made with Love and Compassion