A car body builder who specialized in vintage cars bought an Aquajet and an Aquivator for his second home in mid-2010. The primary reason for the purchase was the statement that these two products are able to soften calcareous water, because where his chalet is located there is very calcareous water; in contrast to his main residence.

Later he told us by phone that he unfortunately could not use the Aquajet any more, because he bought a new shower head with integrated economy filter. The Aquajet does not fit now any more.

It was a pity, because he and his wife noticed the positive difference: the skin felt clearly more elastic and was not as dry as before.

We then kindly pointed out that he could also attach the Aquajet directly between the mixer tap and the shower hose. And a few weeks later his feedback: "Everything is back to the old ;-) We enjoy showering with vitalized water again".

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