What could be better than being able to refresh yourself in the shower? Be it to prepare for the coming day or to wash away tiredness in the evening and refresh your body.

To enjoy vitalized water while showering, we developed the Aquajet in 1998.

You can mount the Aquajet in two different ways:

As shown in this picture, you can install the Aquajet between the mixer tap and the shower hose ... or directly between the shower head and the shower hose. You will see: annoying lime deposits are reduced as if by magic !

The practical integrated swivel connection of the Aquajet protects the shower hose from wear and tear due to twisting and kinking: This protects the shower hose and increases the showering comfort.

From an ecological point of view, with the Aquajet the water and energy consumption of conventional shower heads can be reduced by up to 30% !

A small tip for people who wash their hair frequently and try to actively promote their health: When you next buy a shampoo, pay attention to what is written on the shampoo packaging and avoid products with unknown ingredients: Natural shampoos cleanse with mild surfactants of plant origin and with pure plant extracts from controlled organic cultivation.

Many users notice within a short time that due to the tachyon energy of the Aquajet their skin and hair feel noticeably more vital. And now we wish you a lot of pleasure when showering and washing your hair with vitalized water ;-)

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Engineered in Germany & Switzerland
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