For the single-family or apartment house

The tachyonized AQUAFLOW fiberglass tape is wrapped directly around the cold water pipe at the main entrance and secured with the supplied cable ties. Depending on the pipe diameter, the tape requires 40cm to 60cm pipe length.

The installation takes a few moments. The tape can be dismantled just as quickly and easily when moving.

In addition to revitalized drinking water in the kitchen, you also benefit from vitalized water when bathing and showering with this inexpensive system.

In addition, the water in the pipe for the garden is also revitalized, which benefits the plants. Since the water is often much softer, all connected devices and machines are spared.

Further advantages:

>• less washing powder for clothes washing
>• easier cleaning of bathroom and kitchen appliances
>• less regenerating salt for dishwashers

Due to the structural chemical change of the water by means of tachyon energy, it has been noticed again and again that the annoying lime deposits are significantly reduced.

The evaluations of the large-scale study of the research laboratory Hagalis AG, in which over 300 systems for water revitalization were tested over a period of nine years, showed that our Aquaflow system with the Aquivator achieved the best marks in terms of quality / efficiency / price and economy!

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