We owe this feedback to a doctor, or rather one of his patients, whose knee operation was associated with unpleasant consequences.

Since his attending physician is testing energy blockages by means of kinesiology (and has been doing so since the mid-1970s), the patient was advised to protect himself from electrosmog and at least buy a GOLD*CHIP for his cell phone.

When his patient then surfed our homepage out of pure curiosity, his eyes fell relatively quickly on the topic "water vitalization". Since his wife has owned several flower stores for over 30 years, he thought that it would certainly not hurt to equip the individual stores with an Aquaflow tape.

The statement of the "landlord" surprised us quite a bit.

"Since I like to help my wife in my free time often, and this for many years, we both have to cream our hands every evening and every morning in order to regenerate the skin, as it is badly affected by the frequent contact with water and pesticides, some of which stick to the flowers.

About two months after the installation of the Aquaflow tapes and the other two products, to our great surprise, we realized that we no longer needed to cream our hands!"

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