The tachyonized Energy Cards presented on our homepage have primarily been conceived to energetically enhance tap water, beverages and food. The small cards (85mm x 54mm), manufactured with the Golden Ratio, may also be used to raise the vibration of natural remedy. Apart from that, all Energy Cards feature more interesting ways to be used !

Under the rubric CRYSTALS we present water crystals that have been photographed in November 2012 using the procedure developed by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto. According to members of the laboratory the results achieved are astonishing and partially really extraordinary. All the better ;-)

Application of the Energy Cards: Place your Energy Card two to three minutes under a glass or a jar with fresh water. If you like, you can leave the little card in the daytime or overnight under a glass or a jar; consume the informed water in sips at your own discretion. Do not forget to refill the jar from time to time ;-)

Manufacturing of the Energy Cards: Each Energy Card is a handmade and manufactured with pure crystalline silicon: some of them with pure gold, pure silver or pure copper. After the tachyonization process, developed by our team in 1995/1996, each card is laminated in order to protect its delicate structure from attrition. The laminate doesn’t reduce the effects in no way !