In 1995 we succeeded to "inform" selected support materia.

Questions about Tachyons bother lots of scientifists since the times when Tesla (1856-1943) developed technical devices with which he -by all appearances- was able to “capture” the energy of the Aether and transform it into commercially usable energy. Nikola Tesla’s mindset was missing for decades. But since many years an important number of scientists fiddle with Nikola’s revolutionary ideas.

Tachyon Energy will (as many scientists predict) probably solve our energy problem and sustainably change our social situation.

Applications with Tachyon Energy will also influence the history of medicine. Trendsetting applications of this type of energy are a main concern of many therapists. And fortunately more and more people endaveour reaching higher consciensness in different topics, too.

In order to promote this development, energies of a higher level may help: Prana, Chi, Tachyons.

In the next column "Products" we will present energetic high-tech products which potency is uncontested since 20 years.