Granted, for our consultation we apply -along with theoretic-intellectual basics- techniques which are based on natural laws and which might -at a first glance- appear unfamiliar to you. But it’s exactly the application of such techniques which illustrate our way to conduct advices from alpha to omega. Feng Shui knowledge helps to calibrate the environment in a harmonious way to humas; which again helps us to completely unfold the existing inner potentials.

Besides the know-how which distinguish all our employees we integrate –at the express request of our customers- the knowledge about the interaction of surroundings and living beings: parts of our techniques are also known as “Vastushatra”, a traditional Hindu system.

The desire to lead a life in harmony and health might be similar to the “biologic knowledge” of a caterpillar:

somehow they “know” that life has another meaning than constantly crawl on leaves and branches. Thanks to their metamorphosis they succeed to accomplish an amazing transformation: new perspectives arise as result.

The impacts of serious consulting culminate finally in leading a much more fulfilled and healthier life: be it in private or in business sector.