Concerning purchase and sale of real estate in the Suisse Romande, especially in the region of the Riviera (Montreux) we apply similar high standards as the expectations of a real gourmand. As we are located in this area since the 70s, we did personally experience the development of the real estate sector.

The tip of an iceberg will never illuminate the existing potential. The image of such an iceberg represent the reality representing the information of local media and most of the portfolios.

Thanks to our large network of relations we often succeed to offer exceptional objects and building land: objects desired by our clientele. But, above all, objects whose locations do not show unpleasant surprises.

It’s a fact that there are too many properties burdened by an energetic or historic handicap. You can be assured that we will not buy nor sell such a property.

If you are seeking „your new property“; don’t hesitate contacting us. It will be a great pleasure finding the most harmonious object.