The effect of the Teleois-Monolith discloses itself to the viewer considering the properties of the components used, such as walnut wood, brass and gold.

Walnuts provide the body with unsaturated fatty acids, which he himself cannot form. But these are important for the development of the brain and nerve cells.

Furthermore they contain many vitamins and trace elements.

The Bach flower essence Walnut helps to gain more inner strength. It is the flower for a new beginning. This essence offers the users a sensation of security, which helps to adopt a new course. Walnut helps to take the last step into the new freedom and to cut loose the shackles of the past.

Influences of the outside world lose their power; the person will bank on to its own inner voice.

The Teleois-Monolith offers protection and security. You feel like being hugged, in good hands and secure as in a comforting home. This object contains lots of ancient knowledge (like a huge library) and generates real stillness and calm (like in a monastery).

This little objet offers a sensation of width; similar to the sunrise or similar to a big door who shows the path for something new. It emanates shelter, tenderness and gentleness; you will behave heartier towards yourself, and instead of questioning everything you will rather respect everything. You will start living in the here and now. Furthermore it procures patience, confidence and concentration: almost everything will be clear as daylight and you might be able to better focalize.

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