We recommend placing your Teleois-Monolith at a height between 1.40 m and 1.90 m; best on a wall. This means that you integrate it -similar to a painting- in your favourite room.

Please note that the gilded flower of the Teleois-Monolith points eastwards, as known from the entrance of the teepees of the North American Indians: the entrance of each teepee always points to the east; to the rising sun, the cardinal direction to which their prayers are addressed. The origin of the word teepee can be traced back to the Lakota language:

* ti = which means “to dwell”
* pi = plural suffix meaning “they dwell”

The Teleois-Monolith fills the room in which it is placed with its luminous presence; regardless whether it is placed in a small room or in a huge hall.

Kinesiologic and radiesthetic tests show that the effect is strongest when existing doors or windows of the room/hall remain closed. If the door(s), respectively the window(s) are open, the subtle effect of the Teleois-Monolith is slightly "reduced", but will still be perceptible outside of the room.

If you would like to integrate the Teleois-Monolith during meditation: just put it in front of you. We recommend to place it (aligned to the east) on a small pedestal or on a low side table.

After the meditation you can place it back to its usual spot. We wish you many lightful moments with this wonderful object!

* * *

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