Calm, protection and well-being

The idea for the realization of the Teleois-Monolith arose after the repeatedly reading of the oeuvre "Prophecies of Melchi Zedek in the Great Pyramid and the Seven Temples"; written by Brown Landone and published in 1940.

Brown Landone describes, inter alia, the foundation of the observance of Polykleitos (famous sculptor of the fifth century BCE) as well as the key to the true understanding of the Pythagorean philosophy of the numbers. Furthermore, the Teleois scale units -on which the entire universe is built up- are presented in detail.

Teleois scale units are also to be found in our solar system.

The distance of the big and small planets to the sun and among themselves is based on Teleois scale units.

Accurate measurements of human normal skeletons in Cambridge, Harvard and Oxford showed that every important part of the skeleton of the human body in relation to other parts present the Teleois scale units! Those scale units are also to be found in our musical scales.

Every beautiful object or construction of Greek art, be it a vase, a sculpture, a column, a hall or a temple: they all are in accordance with the Teleois scale units. All geometric patterns that are appreciated since thousands of years as being beautiful and which are used again and again for the layout of forms and ornaments are formed by Teleois parts or facets.

The literal meaning of Teleois is "absolute", "perfect", "complete".

The Teleois-Monolith generates a so called power place and an harmonious energetic morphogenetic field in which we and our thoughts and our free will as well can move freely.

For the implementation of this object the following Teleois scale units have been applied: 1, 4 and 7.

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