The most well-known jamming sources at your work place are coincidentally the most important tools: the keyboard and the monitor. In order to protect yourself against their electromagnetic radiation, we recommend since 1995 placing one of our tachyonized Silica-Spheres on your desk.

Our tachyonized Silica-Spheres create a very harmonious energy field: they „attract“ Tachyons to their nucleus, concentrate them and emanate a harmonizing sphere-like field in their immediate vicinity. Placed in front of a monitor, our Silica-Spheres smoothens electromagnetic jamming sources and protect from negative stress.

For your workplace we suggest placing a 50mm Silica-Sphere with one of the following colors:

gold topaze > enhances concentration
emerald green > regenerating and refreshing
light blue > promotes creativity and communication
indigo blue > calming, promoting intuitive thinking
crystal > clarifying and cleansing

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