figura perfecta

The sphere may be described with clear conscience as the most perfect solid on earth. Even in the human body the sphere is omnipresent and the five Platonic solids merge into a perfect and impressive symbiosis. It is therefore not surprising at all, that since the introduction of our Tachyon products in 1995, the wonderful and harmonic Silica-Spheres play a major role.

If tachyonized by our BIOTAC LINE© procedure, the Silica-Spheres can be applied for the following topics.

> Feng Shui
> harmonization of electric smog
> harmonization of harmful earth rays
> to refresh and energize living and working spaces

As Tachyons act as transmitter of information it was quite quickly clear to us to offer the silica spheres in different colors. In the context with the different colors very specific effects can be determined in advance.

It might be of interest for you to know that each sphere is individually made by hand. During its creation the five elements representing the basis of existence are omnipresent: EARTH - FIRE -AIR - WATER -AKASHA

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