In order to raise the energy of a room, an apartment, house or your business premise, restaurant, etc. etc. we suggest to place four Silica-Spheres in the outer corner points (see sketch below).

Immediately after being placed, the four Silica-Spheres interact with Tachyon Energy and animate the room with this subtle energy form.

Their radius is not limited to the inside pattern; the energetic Tachyon field act across the „borders“. Adjoining rooms will also benefit.

Harmonizing earth rays
: If you would like to increase the effects you might attach a tachyonized Silica-Halfsphere on the ceiling (in the center). This layout features an immense advantage:

The Curry-Grid and the Hartmann-Grid, two well-known terms in geobiology, will be harmonized by the energetic Tachyon field. Persons that sojourn in such a room will practically no more be influenced by the harmful earth radiation.

If you prefer (for testing): just place one of our Silica-Spheres on your nightstand: its range amounts to approximately 3 meters in diameter.

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