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For several years we tried to develop a device that procures wellbeing and protection and which is able to harmonize electric and electromagnetic radiation emitted by external sources such as mobile phone antennas. Since physicians are more concerned with the topic electro smog, during the past years many new disease patterns have been detected.

The plot thickens as it is a fact, that children learning in irradiated schools show a statistically significant minor chance to claim a place in high school.

The organisms constitutes a closed circuit and transports these electrical impulses from “up” to “down” and from “left” to “right”, across the whole body.

The immune system feels clearly that the body cells assimilates much less oxygen if exposed near to harmful radiation. Due to this very subtle electrical stimulation the energy flow between the cell membrane and the cell nucleus and the performance of the synapses (junction between the nerve cells) is evidentially disturbed.

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