At the beginning of our activity we noticed that mainly natural materials should be used for the tachyonization process. Natural and environmentally friendly materials feature a relatively perfect and regular atomic structure. And, according to the principles of nature, a regular atomic structure represents an important criterion.

Perfect materials to be tachyonized are silicon and gold. Both of them are considered having an exceptional perfect structure and are therefore highly qualified for being tachyonized. Only pure silicon, gold and maple wood are used for the production of PHAROS II.

The maple tree is „life donating“ tree. The Akunęhsyę̀ni (Iroquois Native Indians) consider its juice as „Honey of Life“. This gentle sweetness combines the characteristics of attraction and allurement or the possibility to unify things; a very positive energy! That’s why sticks of maplewood are applied especially in magical rituals for attracting positive spirits.

The mapletree is also the holy tree of the Ani Tsisqua (the birdclan or the Tsalagi): a log of maple wood was always an integral part of the “holy fire” of this clan.

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